A tree is not just for Christmas

The street photographer’s guide to trees. I think trees are too much ignored. We take a picture and happen to notice a tree (or trees). We should appreciate them more. For their beauty; for their shade; for their colour; for their age; for their mystery… Trees can provide shelter and …


I don’t shoot birds any more

I shot my first bird in 1972. I have felt bad about it ever since. Really. Machoism at end of Uni camp. But we all grow up. Continuing my journey in photography I must go where probably everyone goes when they get their first DSLR. Birds. Canon 7D with EF70-200 …


Can’t see the mono for the trees

Perhaps the title should be “Can’t see the black and white for the colour” but the trees are more relevant to this blog. I mostly shot in colour with some early B&W, until I realised that I have been missing the point. Colour photography has its place and all that …


A Year Down The Lane

Wisberrick, a 500 acre farm near Shelford in Victoria, has a lane running down the middle. Not just any lane. The Lane. I spent some time down that lane over a year in 2016-17. A full farm year. I wanted to tell it’s story, not just for the fun of …

Merindol Hall


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