At Merindol Hall we enjoy creating eye candy! Especially just for the sake of it.

Merindol Hall Pty Ltd was established in 2000 and provided management advisory services to the water industry up until early 2012.

But behind all that was a continuing journey in photography and digital art. I am now very much focussed on that journey and hope to be able to share it with you through this site and also  and Some of my digital art and photographic work is also on the Merindol Hall website. It shows the early part of the journey. Only a few of these have been included in this gallery.

In the galleries is some of my art which you might like to imagine decorating your office or boardroom. Or perhaps at home. Add a large splash of colour to your walls.

If you can get some pleasure out of the images presented here, then I have achieved my goal. If you want to put an image in your work place or corporate space then I am more than happy to discuss.

All images are great at a full gloss A2 and can be printed up to A1. Framed if you like, but probably better for you to do that yourself to suit your space.