A Year Down The Lane


Wisberrick, a 500 acre farm near Shelford in Victoria, has a lane running down the middle. Not just any lane. The Lane.

I spent some time down that lane over a year in 2016-17. A full farm year. I wanted to tell it’s story, not just for the fun of it, but also to show that even a nearly (almost) flat landscape and sometimes ordinary farm (“Why would you want to photograph this?”) has it’s own beauty. Maybe it just needed different eyes.

It turned out to be a very good year, with record rains and bumper crops.

And in the middle of all this, with a front row seat, was the Lane. So this is the story of Wisberrick sowing, growing, greening and harvest as seen through, along and beside, the Lane.

Late afternoon, crops sown. May 2016. Canon 5DIII
Sunset. May 2016. Leica Q
Sunrise. June 2016. Canon 5DIII
Early morning shoots. June 2016. Canon 5DIII
Green fields and muddy lane. August 2016. Canon 5DIII
And a very wet Spring. September 2016. Canon 5DIII
Wet and getting wetter. Canola. Late September 2016. Leica Q
Bumper crop under very leaden sky. Late September 2016. Leica Q
Crops maturing. Lane drying out. October 2016. Canon 5DIII
Spring indeed! October 2016. Canon 5DIII
Ready for harvest. December 2016. Canon 5DIII
Harvest underway. Canola. December 2016. Canon 5DIII
Hot, dry and dusty. Not moving. December 2016. Canon 5DIII
Wind farm over wheat farm. End December 2016. Canon 5DIII
Last sunset for 2016. Leica Q
Harvest. January 2017. Canon 5DIII
Ready for harvest. January 2017. Leica Q
Rolled up and waiting. January 2017. Leica Q
Harvest complete. February 2017. Leica Q
Free range sheep, grazing the lane. April 2017. Canon 5DIII
Sunrise. May 2017. Canon 5DIII
Early morning over sown fields. A new year begins. May 2017. Canon 5DIII
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