digital art

The galleries presented below represent the early part of the journey.


Go to the Merindol Hall Art Gallery for more recent creations and the Merindol Hall Photo Gallery for my photographic portfolio.


In the meantime, please enjoy the early journey...


At Merindol Hall we enjoy creating eye candy! Whether it is art from the built environment, art from the retail environment or art just for the sake of it. We also take photos of world champion cyclists when they get close!

In the galleries below are some of our art and photography which you might like to imagine decorating your office or boardroom. Or perhaps at home. Add a large splash of colour to your walls, put up an action shot of a world-class cyclist to inspire or admire.

All images are great at a full gloss A2 and can be printed up to A1. Framed if you like, but probably better for you to do that yourself to suit your space.


Email me with the gallery name and the file name if you are interested.

Digital Art


Found Images