One day a seagull dropped a can of orange paint and it left a big orange splot. The splot wasn’t cleaned off and instead it became inspiration for people to follow their dreams.

It’s a book by Daniel Manus Pinkwater. You should read it to your kids.

Get in touch if you’d like some paint spilled on something.


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Umbrella handle in the style of Mary Poppins (green parrot head) resting on books on a shelf. The books are all bird directories.

A note on me and books:

I believe reading is for everyone.

I read books. I review them as a reader, not as a literature-educated critic. Which is probably why I frequently don’t agree with award judges.

I studied literature in year 12, and did Spanish and Latin American literature as part of my Spanish major at university, but my formal qualifications lie elsewhere.

I believe that books and reading are for everyone and sometimes we are at risk of presenting it as a high-brow activity, limited to those who have intense analyses and profound things to say.

I think there can be a gate-keeping around literature, but there shouldn’t be. When you look around you, the people who read are very average and come from a variety of backgrounds.

The way we talk about books should reflect that.

I don’t aim for my reviews to sound like formal critiques. I don’t want them to sound like formal critiques.

I want it to sound like I’ve read the book, and I’m not out to impress anyone with my honest opinion.