I don’t shoot birds any more


I shot my first bird in 1972. I have felt bad about it ever since. Really. Machoism at end of Uni camp. But we all grow up.

Continuing my journey in photography I must go where probably everyone goes when they get their first DSLR.


Canon 7D with EF70-200 f/4 and later EF400 f/5.6
Then Canon 5DIII with EF100-400 f/5.6

Always looking for the eyes, or on the wing, going up or coming down. Rarely successful. Birds move, usually as soon as you do! I was never the sort of bird photographer who would go into a hide. Get the shot as best you can without sneaking up to them. Sort of. The 7D with 400 prime gave me an effective 640 mm. Nice, but never satisfied.

So I took a lot of pics and a few of my favourites are shown below.

And then I gave my Canon 5DIII and EF100-400 to my daughter and got the 7D and EF400 back in return. *heavy sigh*

I see many, many excellent bird shots through Flickr, amongst other forums. Who am I kidding that I can match those?

So, I move on. No more shooting birds.

Although I did get a pretty good shot with my then trusty Pentax Optio 550 (my first digital)
And with my subsequently trusty Panasonic Lumix in New Zealand
And who can resist flamingos in the Atacama Desert in Chile? Canon 7D EF70-200 f/4L
Flying over volcanoes, because they can. Canon 7D EF70-200 f/4L
And a vulture on the wing. Canon 7D EF70-200 f/4L
Duck with attitude. Canon 7D EF400 f/5.6L
Seagull at rest. Canon 7D EF400 f/5.6L
Take-off! Canon 7D EF400 f/5.6L
Pelican under. Canon 7D EF400 f/5.6L
Pelican over. Canon 7D EF400 f/5.6L
Just proving you can get up close (in an aviary!) Canon 5DIII with EF100 f/2.8 macro
Four in a row. Canon 5DIII EF400mm f/5.6L
Waiting for instructions. Canon 5DIII EF70-200 f/4L
You talking to me? Canon 5DIII EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L
The lesson. Canon 5DIII EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L
Jabiru take-off. Very opportunistic, and very little time to get that perfect focus. Canon 5DIII EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L

The journey continues…

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