Can’t see the mono for the trees


Perhaps the title should be “Can’t see the black and white for the colour” but the trees are more relevant to this blog. I mostly shot in colour with some early B&W, until I realised that I have been missing the point. Colour photography has its place and all that stuff. Black and white, on the other hand, has more atmosphere, feeling, art. In my opinion, of course.

Colour photography also has all that, I agree. I prefer to think that I have been shooting B&W all the time, I just needed to remove the colour to expose the picture.

And so to trees…

Some photos taken in colour using Canon 5DIII and Leica Q then converted to B&W using a combination of DXO, LR and SFX. I didn’t like them much in colour, but I love them now. You might not. Whatever.

Eucalyptus standing proud
Fallen surrounded
Twists and turns
Young cows, trees past
Contrasting solidarity
Nature and not. Nature wins.
A welcoming hug, if you dare
Peppercorn trees. Maybe some boats in the background.

And I ask myself “What will I do with the pics?”

Just finished painting around the house. Saved $12,000.

So, I thought, I can now buy a Leica Monochrom! Cost justified! Luxury at no “real” cost.

But I thought some more… excellent camera, world’s best monochrome… but what will I do with the pics? Flickr, Instagram, Facebook… whatever. On the lounge room wall maybe? But there is only so much wall to fill!

In the end there was a clear “choice”. No Monochrom. Lovely to have, to play with, but an expensive toy. Perfect photos (maybe), a life of 24 hours to 1 week on the internet, some to be printed and framed (maybe). No brainer. No camera. Love the one you’re with.

So I will continue to play with my Leica Q (now that I have given the 5D to my lovely daughter to enjoy) and continue to see in B&W.

A tree is not just for Christmas

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I don’t shoot birds any more

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Summer en Provence 2016

Spent a week in Seillans and Callian in Provence in the summer of 2016. Photography with Leica Q then processed to B&W using DXO PhotoLab and Lightroom.