Around the Streets in Sydney CBD


Christmas trip to Sydney with my Leica Q. Retail therapy. Sort of street photography but with a retail theme. The Q fits perfectly in my hand and is quiet. Also doesn’t look too serious so easier to just snap and go.

QV Building Upstairs Downstairs
QV Building
Too many choices
Dressed up and everywhere to go
Lovely in lace
More lace
QV Building snakes and ladders
Ladies in waiting
Just wait over there please
Ain’t that grand!
One that got away
Crowded chess board
Can I help you Sir?
Just passing
A tree is not just for Christmas

The street photographer’s guide to trees. I think trees are too much ignored. We take a picture and happen to notice a tree (or trees). We should appreciate them more. For their beauty; for their shade; for their colour; for their age; for their mystery… Trees can provide shelter and …

I don’t shoot birds any more

I shot my first bird in 1972. I have felt bad about it ever since. Really. Machoism at end of Uni camp. But we all grow up. Continuing my journey in photography I must go where probably everyone goes when they get their first DSLR. Birds. Canon 7D with EF70-200 …

Can’t see the mono for the trees

Perhaps the title should be “Can’t see the black and white for the colour” but the trees are more relevant to this blog. I mostly shot in colour with some early B&W, until I realised that I have been missing the point. Colour photography has its place and all that …